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Office & Workshop

Jl. Raya Cadas Kukun No. 18
Rt. 01 Rw 02 kutabaru Tangerang
Phone : +6221 59318293, +6221 59318121, +6221 5906415, +6221 93275564

Email : marketing@astateknik.com



Line of Business :


-          General Supplier

Trading Company

Spare part (main roll, Gravity roller Light duty or Heavy Duty, Atc)

Rubber Belt (Food Grade Or non food grade, Bridgestone, Continental, Bando, Star)

Modular Belt , Table Top Chains, Speare part Conveyor

Conveyor belt Machinery  etc  (Cooling Tunnel, Packing Conveyor, Oven Etc)





-          General Contractor & Consultant

Building, Installation pipe, Mechanical Engineering, Maintenance, Interior, Surveying   






-          Design & Manufacture (Fabrication), Installation, Commissioning Stainless Steel

        Equipment Product :

Material Handling, show case, refrigerator, sink table, load transfer trolley,

food trolley, rack, Pan Rack,

All Cabinet, Installation Pipe, Ducting, Exhaust, Burner, Under Counter Chiller/Freezers

all Kinds Kitchen Equipment





-          Design & Manufacture Engineering, Installation, Commissioning,

Conveyor System Product :

Conveyor Belt, Modular Conveyor, Table Top Chains, Slat Conveyor, Wire Mesh Conveyor,

Chains Conveyor, Free Flow Conveyor, Magnet Conveyor, Screw Conveyor,

Ball Transfer Conveyor, Hanging Conveyor, Skate Wheel Conveyor,

Bucket Elevator, Lift Cargo, Industrial oven / furnaces / dryer, Mixer tank, silo, steam tank

Designing according to Individual Need / Specially Order To Various Industries







-          Design Electrical Equipment :

Panel, Low Voltage switchboard, Consultant & Contractor








Support product to Food Industry, Textile Industry, Sheet Metal Industry, Fruit & Vegetables,

Airport, Wood Industry, Automotive Industry, Paper Industry,

Electronic Industry, Chemical Industry Etc








-           Mining Industry & oil Palm :

Construction  for  oil palm industry, Trusher , Screw , bucket elevator, slat conveyor, sterilaizer  bunch crhuser , bench press, sludge tank,  Rolly Etc









      For Mining Industry , Stone Crusher, Jaw Chrusher, Vibrating screen, Ball Mill, Conveyor loading

     Rubber Conveyor, dock Loader, havy Duty Carier roller, Etc

反击式破碎机jaw crusher2冲击破碎机3

辊式破碎机hammer crusher